Sri Rama Rajyam

Sri Rama Rajyam

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The beautiful epic Ramayana has been dealt with many a times in Tollywood. And Director-artist Bapu himself has made Sampoorna Ramayanam, Sita Kalyanam and Sri Ramanjaneya Yudham based on the evergreen epic. Now the director is back with Sri Rama Rajyam, another movie depicting the journey of Lord Rama. This time the focus is on Lord Rama and Sita Ma’s journey after the death of Ravana.


Lord Rama (Balakrishna) and Sita Ma (Nayantara) are back to Ayodhya after their 14 years of Vanvaas. Circumstances lead Rama to abandon the mother-to-be Sita in the forests. The separation with Sita leaves Rama in utmost grief. Valmiki (Played by ANR) and Hanuman (Vindu Dara Singh) help Sita to overcome the emotional hurdles and lead her life in the forest.

Time passes by and Lava and Kusha are born to Sita. The rest is about how the Ramayana ends with Sita never getting back to the Ayodhya and Lord Rama. Lava-Kusha are given knowledge of their origin, the family’s Godly grandeur and are handed over the responsibility of ruling Ayodhya. Sita is embraced by her mother, the Earth Goddess and Lord Rama ends his incarnation.



In the present scenario, none better than Bapu could have depicted this tale so appropriately. Though I was a bit wary of the movie being made in this generation, I was happy and contended as I watched the first few minutes.

Bapu has maintained that mythological and divine essence throughout the movie and he has to be highly appreciated for retaining the purity of Telugu language. If you are fluent with Telugu and are good with its various nuances you will thoroughly enjoy as a significant part of the movie is told through background songs which were written beautifully. Bapu being a much admired artist himself has wonderfully managed the aesthetics of the movie. All the human elements were shown in a composed manner without any unnecessary overdose.

But the scene where Rama is highly upset as he abandons Sita to save his family’s integrity was a bit abrupt. It was obviously not very appealing to watch the Lord himself losing control over his emotions and grieving uncontrollably. This was the only major setback I found in the direction.


Balakrishna did a decent job and his expressions were appreciable and reminded of NTR at many places. But the drawback was he looked a bit older and his wrinkled skin couldn’t be hidden. He could also have worked more on his physique.

Nayantara was a pleasure. The divinity was all there in her expressions and the body language. I didn’t know she can act this well! The only missing thing was royalty when she was shown as the Queen of Ayodhya. She looked elegant and beautiful, but not royal.

ANR, being a highly experienced actor, did a perfect job as Valmiki.

The kids who played Lava and Kusha were highly adorable and did an extra ordinary job. Their facial expressions, the body language and the dialogue delivery, everything was so mature.

Technical team:

Cinematography by PRK Raju was praiseworthy. And Nayantara was captured as a typical Bapu Bomma in various frames. Be it her lying on the floor and crying or shying away behind a pillar or smiling at Rama, every frame looked lovely.

Editing was crisp and apt. Ilayaraja’s music was divine. Balasubramanyam and Shreya Ghoshal are undeniable assets who crooned most of the songs. Sunitha has done a commendable job with her dubbing to Nayantara.

The Art Director deserves a huge applause out for his awesome work. The sets were so magnificent and realistic to that era. Sculptures of Gods and Goddesses were flawless and pristine.

Final word:

On the whole, Sri Rama Rajyam was decent in all elements and technicalities. I think this movie has given the much needed break from slap stick comedies and overdosed action flicks. The present generation will surely love it as we didn’t get to watch mythology as much.

You will come back with a happy heart. I will go with a 3.75 out of 5.

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  1. A Brilliant Work – Sri Rama Rajyam

    Commercial movies with immature love, violence and unnatural double meaning dialogues are common now a days. People are fed up to see a good movie and listen good melodious songs. Telugu language which is so melodious is spoiled in the hands of selfish and money spinning writers. Producers are showing women as sex objects and youth are spoiled forgetting all moral values.

    A Thunder in the Sky

    Sri Rama Rajyam like a thunder in the sky has become beacon and radar in the sea. It has shown tremendous impact on the people from children to old alike.A fantastic movie reminding our forgotten culture, our great past, our values and culture. The present generation will survive another 50 years till another lava kusa comes .

    About the Cast

    No doubt , Bala krishna played very decent and Royal like his father in the role as Rama . Some scenes , he did not perform well.Asking his brothers to obey his orders, listening to Bhadra , expressing love with lava and kusa , crying like a child for leaving sita ,all these scenes never add marks to the Bala. There is a scope for best performance. On the other hand, Nayana tara played excellent and justified her role though she is a keralite. Guru vasista by Balayya with his feeble voice and sick face spoiled the image as Raja Guru.Brahmanadam role was very limited as he did not have a song to perform nor daiologues to impress. KR vijaya failed to look like Kousalya with her aging face.Children did marvellous job though they are new to the scenes.ANR did well but compared to Nagayya , he could not.We get tears on the cheek when we see old lava kusa several times, but this is not so with this film except sita abandonment in the forest and emotional dailogues of Nayana and Srikant.
    Hats off to Ilaya raja for scoring best music.

    Forest scenes where lava kusa fought resembles artificial studio settings. This could have been in a spacious forest area . War scenes are spoiled because of immature graphics.sita merging with bhudevi was excellent.Story telling missed with padyams where reciting padyams ot strotras would touch emotionally the audience.

    Really it is very great but in most of the cases camera failed to capture best settings especially in first song. This could have been much better.

    On the whole, Film is an eye opener for our greedy producers and one must watch with sincerity and devotion .

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