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Imitiaz Ali has come up with another love story, a genre which he deals beautifully in his own way. In Rockstar, there is much more apart from love and music.

The plot

Rockstar is the journey of Janardhan aka JJ (Ranbir), from a simple yet ambitious Punjabi lad to a much admired and envied Rockstar, Jordan. There is ambition, there is success and there is disastrous failure. And behind all these there is love and passion.

Janardhan, an ambitious musician meets Heer (Nargis Fakhri), a young college girl. Heer and Janardhan spend some good time as friends in and around the streets of New Delhi. Heer gets married at Kashmir and JJ joins her in the celebrations. Little does he know that unfortunate events are awaiting him at home. JJ is abandoned by his family suspecting him of theft.

A few months later the world recognizes JJ as Jordan, an upcoming musician at India. A Journalist visits Jordan’s college to know more about him. There she gets answers for: Where did JJ go after he leaves his family? How did he become a notable musician?

A  music company signs Jordan for their world tour, and he meets Heer at Prague who is now a married woman. Both realize after a spate of events that they are in desperate need of each other. The rest is about:

  • Will Heer cheat on her husband now?
  • How does Jordan become a global sensation?
  • How he later turns into a troubled Rockstar?


The direction and the script

Imitiaz Ali came up with an ambitious script with elements of Fame and Fall, Love and Tragedy. His vision is in place, but he fails when it comes to execution. The first half was okay, but the momentum was not constant in the second half. The audience will take time to sync in with the Rockstar image. There were few abrupt turns here and there which disturbed the flow of the movie.


Ranbir Kapoor is the soul of the movie. His performance was so intense that you cry, you laugh and you feel his every emotion. His eyes speak a lot in every frame, his dialogue delivery was apt and his body language was perfect. I am in complete awe of his performance in the song Kun Faya Kun. This is Ranbir’s best till date. I am sure that by mid 2012, he will sweep all the best actor awards.

Nargis Fakhri was a disappointment. She is not to blame as her efforts were okay, but they couldn’t work because of her non-Indian origin and her zero experience in acting. The fault lies with the casting department. Her role demands a knock down performance and Imitiaz should have opted for an Indian newcomer. I guess, Ileana D’ Cruz would have justified the role well.

It was great to watch Shammi Kapoor on screen, which I never did.

Others like Aditi Rao, Kumud Mishra, Shernaz Patel and Piyush Mishra did their bit really well. Moufid Aziz looked great but he had nothing much to do in the film.


AR Rahman’s music takes time to impress you, but once it does, it leaves an everlasting mark. Apart from Ranbir, it is the music that leads this movie. Mohit Chauhan deserves a huge applause for being Ranbir’s voice.

Songs like Kun Faya Kun, Jo Bhi Main and Tum Jo are highly remarkable.

The technical team

Cinematography by Anil Mehta was commendable throughout. It made the otherwise normal Nargis Fakhri look beautiful in many frames. Sadda Haq and the climax song were pictured very well.

Editing by Aarti Bajaj was okay and could have been more crisp.

Final word

Imitiaz’s ambitious attempt could have been an epic love tale if executed with much more care. Still, Rockstar deserves a watch. I will go with 3 out of 5.

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