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With the significance of wedding, marital relationships and cultural values as the backdrop, a lot was expected from Krishna Vamsi’s Mogudu (Meaning Husband). So, did Mogudu live up to the expectations? Read on.

The Plot:

Mogudu starts off like any other Krishna Vamsi directorial does, with the protagonist (Bujji, played by Gopichand) having a huge loving family. And every one of them is a staunch believer in marriage, culture and traditions. Bujji meets Rajeshwari (Tapsee), a happy go lucky girl and proposes marriage to her. With their families consent, both get married but a few unfortunate incidents at the marriage venue during bidai lead to immediate separation of the couple. The rest is about how they and their families get back together.


The first 60 minutes of the movie is a disaster with many a meaningless situations. The mass marriage scene during which there is an abrupt outburst of Bujji’s father (Rajendra Prasad) and sisters is so unwanted.

The director has tried to show Rajeshwari as a kind and a bubbly girl, but totally fails in his attempt. The one thing which stands out in every other Krishna Vamsi’s movie is the pleasurable chemistry between the lead pair, which unfortunately lacks in this film. It takes a lot of time for the viewer to connect with the lead pair and their emotions.

The movie gets a grip after the interval and since then it is enjoyable for some 30-40 minutes.  The one tool which rarely fails in making a relationship work is jealousy and the same has been used here.

I know, a Telugu movie cannot be complete without 6 songs. The music is decent to the ears and not all the songs were pictured well.

Though the director has come up with a commendable concept, he could have handled it in a better way. The significance of marriage and family values which is the focal point of the movie couldn’t stand out because of poor direction and unwanted characters.


Gopichand was at his best and justifies his role well. This movie gave him a wider scope to perform because of the various mix of emotions that are involved.

Tapsee looked pale and so not in sync with the character, but she deserves a pat for trying to dub on her own. Her role is strong but she was just ordinary. I guess, Anushka could have been an apt choice. And when it comes to crying which she had to do many a times, Tapsee did a pitiable job.

Shraddha Das was given a decent amount of screen space and she did her job appropriately. Roja is a perfect choice for this role of a loud politician. Rajendra Prasad and Naresh were okay. Ahuti Prasad shines even in the little role he has. Venu Madhav managed to give some laughs.


On the whole, Mogudu impresses in bits and pieces. You should be patient in the first half and enjoy with whatever is on the platter and later the movie falls on the track. I will go with a 2.5 out of 5 for this strong concept that failed because of unwanted mess.

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  1. i like gopi chand.can watch patiently for his appearance.

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