‘Jannat 2′ review

‘Jannat 2′ review

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A sequel of a super hit is invariably welcomed with a truck load of expectations and ‘Jannat 2′ is no different. So, did ‘Jannat 2′ live up to our expectations? Did it match or surpass its prequel? Read on.


Sonu Dilli (Emraan) is a street smart arms dealer leading a carefree life in the Capital. Pratap (Randeep Hooda) is a tough cop with a depressed heart.

With a firm intend to end the widespread illegal arms mafia; Pratap compels Sonu to help him as a police informer. Meanwhile, Sonu falls for a kind and independent Janvi (Esha Gupta), who believes in leading an honest and a respectful life.

To give Janvi the life she wishes for while complying with Pratap’s demands becomes complicated and Sonu finds himself in a maze of sorts.


‘Jannat 2′ is similar with its prequel in one element – the protagonist takes a morally wrong path and to protect his love life, he hides his identity from the heroine. The movie starts on a decent note and you expect to be treated with some thrilling action. But the movie deals with elements like love, loss, revenge, and betrayal.

‘Jannat 2′ entertains you at a fluctuating pace. At the core, the movie is love and emotions laced with disturbing underworld in New Delhi. Tools in hand were good enough – be it illegal arms, love, betrayal, a carefree guy, a revenge seeking depressed cop, a ruthless mukhiya et al. But when it came to dishing out these things into a power packed thriller, director Kunal Deshmukh didn’t succeed entirely. Also, the movie gets very predictable even before it reaches half the destination.

Quick take

What’s good:

  • Randeep Hooda
  • Emraan’s performance
  • Humor
  • Music

What’s bad:

  • A familiar storyline
  • Limited action sequences and more of melodrama

Another major failure is the characterization of Emraan Hashmi. He was shown as a frivolous and a fickle minded guy with changing levels of confidence. Be it a grey shaded character or a typical heroic one, we expect the protagonist to portray a strong and a confident attitude. Performance wise, Emraan was apt and consistent throughout. His comic timing came as a surprise to me.

The movie belongs to Randeep Hooda who splendidly played an alcoholic and an emotionally devastated cop. You can feel his pain; he can make you teary eyed. He was that good.

I can say the movie is entertaining and not an entire waste of time. There are a couple of action scenes involving chase-run on the streets of Delhi and even at a busy Dargah. If one tickles your funny bone, the other is intriguing enough to speed your heart beat. Chemistry between Randeep and Emraan was a highlight. And, you have humor in almost every second scene and fortunately, most of them impress you. You’re not completely hooked to the movie, but you won’t lose interest either.

The love story is just another one which might touch your heart only at the end. Esha Gupta as a performer is as expressionless as Katrina or Nargis Fakhri. Looks wise too, if she looked gorgeous at certain places, she also looked clumsy at a few. Bhatts should’ve repeated Sonal Chauhan instead.

Music is a huge plus. Don’t know about the recall value, but for the moment songs will absolutely please you. Background score was intriguing. Dialogues were smart and humorous. On the flip side again, cuss words initially seemed in sync with the story, but a while later they became unnecessarily repetitive. Visually, the movie scores well.

Final word:

Despite a thin script and a predictable plot, ‘Jannat 2′ remains decently entertaining. You won’t regret watching it on a lazy evening. I’ll go with a 3 out of 5.

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  1. Decently enough is not good enough for taking me to the cinema hall .. thanks for saving my money :)

  2. Wasn’t sure whether to watch it… but I like the movies that come out of this stable in general… oh well.. Guess, I’ll give it a shot :)

  3. Some actresses atleast look like they are acting in the highly edited trailers but Esha Gupta’s acting could not even fake the trailers. But I am sure Emraan must have done a good job. He is one of the most underrated actors in today’s generation.

  4. I haven’t seen the former so I will watch that first. Also, Harsha all these beauty queens are just to provide the glam quotient. And I expect only that from them. But, yes even looks wise Sonal is far better than her…

    Thanks for the review. You write so well, I seriously feel you should do it professionally.

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