‘Dammu’ is lethargic

‘Dammu’ is lethargic

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As Nandamuri Balakrishna’s charm was almost waning in Tollywood, Boyapati Srinu’s Simha’ came to his rescue and strengthened his image overnight. Now as another Nandamuri star Jr NTR is facing a career crisis after the debacle of ‘Shakti and an average fare of Oosaravelli, Boyapati again held the megaphone and made ‘Dammu, promising to give the Young Tiger a super success. Can Dammu’ give NTR that much needed Box Office hit? Read on.


Ramachandra (NTR), an orphan, values life a lot and detests intense violence that can claim lives. He falls for an affluent girl Sathya (Trisha). Ignorant about his orphan life, Sathya reciprocates his love in no time. But Ramachandra needs a family to get into wedlock with Sathya as he can’t fool her forever and she wouldn’t marry an orphan.

Then a rich landlord (Kota Srinivasa Rao) adopts Ramachandra as his grandson. Things that follow compel Ramachandra to take a violent path.


NTR did a good job, but he couldn’t shine because of poor characterization. Trisha and Karthika did their job – they came, smiled, romanced, danced, and went.

Nasser was very commendable. He shines even among the ensemble of cast. Versatile actors like Kota Srinivasa Rao and Tanikella Bharani were wasted. Suman was consistent. Venu and Rahul Dev had nothing much to do. Ali and Brahmanandam failed to bring any laughs.

Quick take

What’s good:

  • Nasser’s performance and his make up
  • Cinematography and locations

What’s bad:

  • Confused Direction
  • Characterization
  • Spineless dialogues and action
  • Predictable and weak Story
  • Loud Background score


Director Boyapati Srinu is known for his violence centric movies. Also, faction backdrop, melodrama, and crass humor are constant in his movies and Dammu is no different. It is inevitable to expect mustache swirling, SUV blasting, and thigh thumping from the NTR-Boyapati combination, and ‘Dammu’ doesn’t prove us wrong.

But what I didn’t expect was the weak story and a weaker direction. The first half was a below average fare with more of a mindless love story and lame comedy. Comedy seemed like a desperate attempt to please C section of audiences. Also, we were expecting an action entertainer after watching the promos but there is no hint of it. In the second half, ‘Dammu’ slips into extensive melodrama and emotions that fail to make an impact, reasonless bloodshed, and it focused on portraying NTR as a demigod.

It seemed like the director himself was not clear of what he wants. Violence, love, comedy, emotions – neither of the elements were constant throughout. Everything happens abruptly. Series of twists were spineless. The so called punch dialogues were laughable. Few politically intended dialogues ridiculed the State’s ruling party and also conveyed NTR’s political aspirations. Action sequences were more about SUVs flying in the air, one after the other. And, guess what? Our hero can blast and throw countless baddies up in the air by using his shoulders. Just shoulders because he folds his arms back while fighting. Now don’t ask me why.

Characterization was very poor. NTR first discourages violence, then goes on a killing spree because he realizes violence could only be stopped through violence. Okay, we’re fine with this. But again at the end, he preaches that violence never pays. And, the main baddie who has been waiting for 25 years to kill this man, abruptly becomes a nice guy and praises the hero.

Visually the movie scores very well. Locations were apt. Sets were magnificent and nicely crafted. Scenic rural atmosphere will please your eyes. Cinematography by Arthur Wilson was beautiful at places, mostly the close up shots were good. Keeravani’s music was okay. Background score and sound effects were a disaster as they dominate to an extent that it gets loud and noisy.

Inconsistency throughout, and illogical direction spoiled the show. Jr NTR’s diehard fans might love the movie in bits and pieces.

Final Word

‘Dammu’ is lethargic, unrefined, and senseless! Application of some thought and logic could have made this an action entertainer. I’ll go with a 2 out of 5.

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  1. Aptly reviewed. Loved reading your review. Will take out time to read all of your reviews. Take a look at my site and share your thoughts too.


  2. boyapatti gaa

    Balaya key simga lati hit eechi

    Jr.ntr key anti bay thokaloo stroy ,
    Thokaloo diloges

    Raai srinuvittla nuvu bhadsha bhadsha ani boka patyav anukoo

  3. I watched the movie all through laughing at the foolish dialogues, incongruous script, poor direction and what not?

    I find some TV channels are giving FULL positive focus rating this movie as the biggest hit in Jr. NTR’s career. It may be true that you can turn a healthy guy into mad with your determination. But you can’t make a bad movie into good movie by harping on TV channels.

    I don’t understand how Jr. NTR could accept such an action less, insipid script? Is he trying to coverup the gap? Is he over confident that his appearance can make any script a hit? I must say that Jr. NTR in many of the scenes looked zero than a Hero.

    Let Telugu directors and film making community wake up to the fact that they can’t thrust something insignificant on gullible audience. Let them come with some guts and make a movie with Telugu talent and Telugu scent.

    Sorry, Jr. NTR, you are making a mistake if you believed that movie “Dammu” is a hit. It is not Dammu it is Daruvu on the minds of audience.

  4. Gud evng to all jaffa antifans of ntr.. Meeku net mundu kurchoni sollu coments cheyatam tappa emi theleeda.. Dammu movie kante action adire movie me a.p hero ni cheyamanandira.. Sollu dialougs cheppe me hero kante ma young tiger chala better ra..

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