Just in: Chikni Chameli

Chikni Chameli, a special song pictured on Katrina Kaif, is featured in the upcoming movie Agneepath which stars Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra in the lead. The song is made on the lines of Sheila and the likes.

Directed by Karan Malhotra, Agneepath (2012) is an official remake of Agneepath (1990) which had Amitabh Bachchan playing the lead role. Expectations on the movie are inevitably high given the outstanding success of the original. Sanjay Dutt plays the baddie in the remake version. Agneepath is slated for a January release under the banner of Dharma Productions.

Commercially speaking, this song will surely raise the expectations of a section of audiences and will play a significant crowd puller.

The first thing that came to my mind after watching this video: What’s wrong with Katrina?

And as one of the Tweet said, “The song is okay. But as far as the dance goes – Sheila was jawaan, Munni became badnaam, Chikni Chameli is yaawn.”


  1. What’s wrong with her? Or with any of those Heroine women who are doing item numbers and vulgar scenes?

    they are getting money.

    and the directors and producers are to be blamed more.
    and audience?

    well, when songs like “shiela” and “munni badnaam” are superhit, these people think, “why not ‘chikni chameli’..”

    there will be no end.. money..fame..madness..artists..audience.. all are involved…

  2. Even the song is not orignal…
    It is copy of famous marathi song ‘Kombdi Palali’…

  3. It’s vulgar and poorly choreographed. Honestly, I don’t like the song either. This is a Rakhi Sawant no.

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