‘English Vinglish’ is endearing

‘English Vinglish’ is endearing

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The ever charming Sri Devi is back after a long hiatus with ‘English Vinglish’, which I think is an apt choice going by its trailer. Directed by Gauri Shinde, ‘English Vinglish’ is the tale of an Indian housewife who is in search of her identity.

The plot:

Shashi (Sri Devi) is a responsible homemaker, a caring mother of two, and a home based entrepreneur who makes awesome laddoos. Most of the Indian women can easily relate to her with the way she carries and fulfills a good amount of responsibilities with great poise and simplicity. The way she’s adorned with sarees, round bindi, and beautiful long tresses simply add to her elegance and Indianness.

Gradually Shashi realizes that her family loves her but doesn’t recognize her worth, and merely judges her as a woman good enough only to make laddoos. Her weak English language skills in a world that fancies English make her feel more humiliated and inferior.

Rest is about how she starts loving and respecting herself and lets the family realize that she has an identity of her own.


Weak English language skills is an issue faced by most Indian women and its consequences are more significant than we perceive. And it is because we created a shameful atmosphere around us where we hesitate to speak or accept our own language.

Director Gauri Shinde has done a neat job in handling a topic as small as it seems. She weaved the story with familiar instances like a school going kid feeling embarrassed about her mom’s bad English and a husband who points out her weakness quite often, with a funny intent though. There are times where it gets too dramatic, especially with the child, but Sri Devi’s underplayed act lets you ignore them.

Quick take

What’s good:

  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Warmth quotient
  • Sri Devi, of course!

What’s bad:

  • It gets too dramatic with the character of Sri’s daughter

The feel good quotient of the movie is a win – especially look forward for Sri Devi as a mom that does a Michael Jackson to entertain her kid, her loving mother-in-law unlike our stereotypes, her English learning efforts while watching movies, and more.

Not to miss Shashi’s English classes and the adorable bunch of her classmates – the director very ably let every character shine in its own way, and you’ll remember each of them.

Shashi finds an admirer in a French chef (Mehdi Nabbou) who joins the English classes only because he could see her face everyday. And every sequence between the two is made with so much warmth and dignity, and never fails to bring a smile on your face.

Messages you’ll carry:

  1. You have to love yourself for the world to respect you.
  2. English language skills are required, but not to an extent that a lack of it should demoralize the person.

Sri Devi was as charming and versatile as always. Her attire was another plus. I might just call you my favorite very soon, Sabyasachi! Adil Hussain and Priya Anand well played their part. Mehdi Nebbou was amazing. His eyes speak, literally.

Amit Trivedi’s music is good. Laxman Utekar’s cinematography makes the movie that beautiful it is. Do not miss the way beginning titles are shot. And a shout out to Hemanti Sarkar’s crisp editing, 129 minutes are worth it.

Final word:

English Vinglish is endearing and gives you a joyful experience. Do not miss it! I’ll go with a 3.5 out of 5.



  1. Looks like a good watch. Actually I read Anupama’s review this morning and she gave it same rating as yours. Though, I don’t like movies set overseas but this looks ‘different’.

    Welcome back:)

  2. Sri is superb…. but the classroom reminds me of the BBC serial long ago by immigrants learning english in London…

  3. Looking forward to seeing this movie in the cinema :) thank for the review

  4. Have been a hearing a lot about this one! Nice crisp review too! Will have to go watch it! Thanks!

  5. Sridevi’s movie? Anytime. She is such a joie de vivre on screen!

  6. Clear review. thanks. :)

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