Bodyguard, Mummy Punjabi and a Wednesday!

Bodyguard, Mummy Punjabi and a Wednesday!

It looks like Bollywood is slowly on its way to break the Friday release’ tradition. And when Salman Khan is shouldering that task, others will surely follow him in days to come. This Wednesday, the much anticipated Bodyguard and Kirron Kher‘s Mummy Punjabi are hitting the screens on the eve of Eid.

So, how are my expectations?

criticleo bodyguardBodyguard:  By now Salman must be sure that his fans love him in larger than life characters. To put it briefly in a typical ‘hero’ role. Wanted, Dabangg and Ready were the usual formula films we get to see in the Southern Industry. When Bollywood almost forgot to enjoy such commercial entertainers, Salman wanted such films to be remade in Hindi and he tasted huge success by doing the same.

Bodyguard too, I expect, will be a commercial entertainer with enough amount of Salman flavor in it. Kareena as the leading lady would surely do justice, but I just hope that the result of this pairing will not be that of Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna! Because I badly want Salman’s career to continue the same way it is now.

Though many news columns published that Bodyguard is the remake of a Hollywood film with the same name, the promos do not indicate so. So, this time I am waiting for Wednesday.

Mummy Punjabi:  Mummy Punjabi, a Pammi Somal directorial comes with a tagline of Superman ki bhi maa’. The promos indicate a mix of comedy and family drama. Kirron Kher is the major pulling factor for the movie. For now, I am not keen to watch the film on a big screen. But we never know, this could be another small budget blockbuster.

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