Beg, buy, and remake

Beg, buy, and remake

All you intelligent movie buffs must have understood by now, what am I talking about. Yes, the unexpected, unfortunate and unending trend of remakes.

The scenario: Either genuinely or galti se, a movie becomes a blockbuster in one language.

Result: Different producers from India are already eying its copyright. And the same movie is remade in two or three other languages. After all India is a colorful country with varied regions, cultures, and languages.

If you didn’t understand even now, here are a few practical examples I am giving at no cost:

  • Singam was made in Tamil with Suriya and Anushka in the lead and kept the cash registers ringing all through. This was dubbed into Telugu as Yamudu. The same was remade in Hindi as Singham with Ajay Devgn and Kajal in the lead.
  • Pokiri was made by Puri Jagannath in Telugu which has Mahesh Babu and Ileana in the lead. With some intelligent direction, smart script, and intense performances, it was one of the biggest blockbusters of Telugu Cinema. It was remade in Hindi, Tamil and Kannada. In Tamil as Pokhiri, and in Hindi it was Wanted, both the versions were regrettably directed by Prabhu Deva.
  • Love Aaj Kal, a beautiful love story, was miserably made in Telugu as Theenmar.
  • Dabangg’s Telugu and Tamil versions are on its way.
  • The best example could be Bodyguard, which became a hit galti se, and was made in three different languages by the same director, Siddique. It is also being remade in Telugu, but by a different director.
  • Force, It’s my Life and an upcoming Akshay Kumar’s venture, all have previous versions in different languages.

Here comes my unanswered question. Do our directors and script writers lack the talent or is it that they lack patience to sit and think? Now-a-days, huge hit is a rare sight. Those rare huge hits are being remade in different languages. If we analyze, there are hardly seven or eight good scripts among the hundreds of movies that take shape every year in India. Because, films may be many and money may be big, but it is only one script that is being circulated in different regions.

bodyguard movie

The three Bodyguards of India. The fourth (Telugu version) is in the making for now.

Why it should be that way? I am sure that a couple of brainstorming sessions will result into a new and a unique script. There are so many happenings in and around that if we are a little observant we will get a new concept to be made into a film. And we always have Hollywood to rely on, which we anyway do, unofficially though.

But please, at least people like me who are decently fluent with a couple of Indian languages are bored to death watching the same movie various times. It is okay to remake an extraordinarily successful movie. But not every other movie which is considered watchable. Singham or Ready weren’t that good or totally new to be remade. And please don’t ask me about Bodyguard. I have a lot of respect for Salman Khan and the cinematography made the film viewable, and that was why my review was a little considerate. Or else I would have made an official appeal to ban Siddique from the industry until he comes up with another script to direct.

The Telugu industry has become pathetic to say the least. I seriously don’t remember which was the last hit we had after Mr. Perfect and 100% Love. I guess, they were the only good films so far in 2011. And this pour of dubbed films? In the past one month, there must be around 10 dubbed films that were released. And I don’t know what is keeping Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan and likes so busy that they come up with hardly one movie a year.

Please scriptwriters, put a thought. Think, observe, and work. Or else take some real happening and make it as a movie. It is not all the time that audience look for a masala flick with an action sequence, a romantic track and an item number. We too want some change. If nothing seems possible, take some good old movies, pick a scene from here and there, compile them into an orderly script and direct them with new age actors, applying your vision. No more remakes, please!

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  1. Hahahahah… as you say there is an no ending…

    and the copy from hollywodd… what to sayyy.. atlast we are the fools


  2. I can’t understand why some movies are blockbusters like Singham. There is dearth of good cinema these days. Good script writers are a rare breed in bollywood, I guess. Copying is a easy task, you have to apply the tested formula. And, poor audience will suffer. Guys, gear up and think new! Nicely written Harsha!!!

  3. Mr.Perfect was a far better made movie than 100% love and would translate well in any language it is remade…but 100% love is an 100% telugu film (nativity?)…i dont think any other audience would be able to relate to that story…even happy days when remade in tamil was a mega-flop…

  4. There are lot of remakes coming up these days. We also came across Ghajini which proved to be a successful blockbuster. The directors and producers don’t even leave Hollywood films. Sometimes, its the music they copy and sometimes the whole story. Nice post and a good point to think upon.

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