After a long wait

After a long wait

Being a movie buff, the very sight of celebs on screen gives me a good amount of happiness. Multi-starrer movies give us one such opportunity where we can enjoy the onscreen presence of a couple of stars at one go. Bollywood comedies mostly survive on multi star cast and even other genres of Hindi cinema are opting for multi star cast.

movies venkatesh and mahesh babu

At the regional level, Telugu Cinema is a male dominated industry and hero worship is a common sight. But somehow, Telugu industry preferred to stay away from multi starrers. Though we had movies with one hero and many leading ladies, it is not often that we could watch two or more star heroes on single frame.

Now, after a long wait, Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu are pairing up for an upcoming movie and this is surely a welcoming sign for Telugu industry which hasn’t delivered a significant hit for sometime now. At least to get a sight of two top league stars sharing the screen space, movie buffs like me would prefer to watch the movie.

This is also a safe bet for the producers, I guess!

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