The author

A self confessed movie addict who loves to criticize and appreciate cinema. A film enthusiast who always is in high spirits when talking about movies. Cinema, Films or Movies apart from being a significant source of entertainment, they also are a highly respectable art form for me.

From my first ever movie, i.e. Kamal Hassan’s Bharateeyudu (1996), I have always had this child like excitement while watching various stories being told on the big screen. For me, a movie a day keeps the doc away!

Apart from being mad about movies, I’m passionate about photography and am an avid blogger.

The blog

Here, I review Hindi and Telugu movies, and also present my views on various trends of Indian cinema. I’m trying to learn various nuances of cinema and present my views aptly. Though I analyze various aspects in my reviews, I watch movies just for the pleasure of it. Or as silk puts it aptly, I watch them for the sake of entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment.

You can reach me through Gmail, Twitter or Facebook.


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  1. HI…
    I just red one of your post, the review of Rockstar, found it really nice. I liked the Analysis section you maintained and wrote and this gives a very good idea for my blog too… Thanks
    i could not where to comment on the review page…

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